5 May 2022

What's On? 9 May - 15 May

Next week, PCS is running a series of courses for PCS Advocates. If you're looking to get more involved in your union then these are the courses for you. 

DfE Hybrid Working Update

An update on talks held with the DfE and a direction for members to speak to line managers about hybrid working, reporting to PCS if their request is refused. 

PCS along with our colleagues in other unions, met with senior leaders in the DfE on 4 May to further discuss the drastic change in hybrid working guidance.

This follows on from the all members meeting PCS held on 3 May, which saw 200 PCS members from DfE gather to get an update from PCS negotiators, ask questions and share their experiences of the impact this change is having.

From what members have told PCS, we know that the above explanation is not the experience that many of you have had. If you have attempted this method of achieving alternative office working arrangements and have been refused, or have issues which concern reasonable adjustments regarding returning to the office, please get in contact with your local PCS reps who can assist you in challenging this decision.

Reporting your experience of achieving the working arrangement you require to PCS will also help to inform our talks with the Permanent Secretary next week.

HMRC Group Executive Committee ballot to be re-run

A technical issue means a re-run of the GEC ballot is required, with the ballot to be re-run from 18 May to 7 June 2022. Members need to ensure they vote again.

Because of a technical issue, a candidate’s acceptance of nomination in the Revenue and Customs elections has not been processed and, consequently, the name of the individual was not included in the ballot paper for one of the positions within the group executive committee.

The re-run election will open on Wednesday 18 May 2022 and close at 12:00 noon on Tuesday 7 June 2022.

As in the case of the original ballot, where PCS holds a personal email address for you, then you will receive an electronic ballot paper. Where we do not hold a personal email address, members will receive a ballot paper through the post (although this postal ballot paper will also provide you with a code, allowing you to still vote electronically if you choose).

Launch of new Advocate Training trial

We are revising the role of union advocates and are looking at new ways of identifying and training those who volunteer

We have been surveying current advocates and reps about their experiences of advocates in PCS.  The online survey is still open for branches to submit responses.

We now wish to trial some approaches to identify and train advocates which will help us build our activist base to assist in future organising or ballot work.

Advocate sign up form

A new advocate sign-up form is now live on the website. Members who wish to volunteer as an Advocate can complete the form to express their interest and will then be encouraged to contact a branch rep to request training. Branches can also share the link to the form and encourage members to get more involved.

We demand better - join us in London

It's time for a new deal for working people, real help with rising energy bills and a pay rise. The government needs to act now! Join us and demand better.

Our members face an employer who refuses to give them the pay rise they deserve or pay back the pensions overpayments they are owed and plans to cut their redundancy terms all whilst bills continue to rise.

Now is the time to make them listen and join with trade union members across the country to demand better.

We are encouraging PCS members from across the UK to join the TUC organised march and rally in London on Saturday 18 June. You can find out more and download materials to encourage members in your workplace to join you in London on the TUC website.

Meet the PCS contingent at 11am at Portland Place to march to Parliament Square and rally to demand better!

Bring your banners, placards, voices, colleagues, friends and family - all welcome.

Health and Safety Reps Part 1 - Northern, Yorkshire & Humberside, North West, Midlands, London & South East, Eastern and South West

9 May - 6 June: 10am - 4pm

Please note that the dates for this course are 9, 16 May and 6 June.
Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. Every employer has a duty not to make us ill as a result of going to work. Trade unions have worked hard to deliver the comprehensive health and safety legislation that the UK workforce enjoys. However governments and employers try to undermine the gains we’ve made. This course will help you mount campaigns to ensure PCS members have protection from stress-inducing, presentee-ism fixated employers…through a strong, well organised union.

Welcome to PCS - Midlands 

9 May: 10am - 4pm

This course is aimed at members who are new to the union and interested in getting involved in union activity. This introductory short course will give a flavour of what trade unions do, the role of trade unions in society and what it means to be an active member of PCS. The course is open to any member of PCS

Branch Treasurer Induction - Northern Ireland, Scotland, Cymru/Wales and the Eastern, London and the South East, Midlands, North West, Northern, South West, Yorkshire & Humberside

11 May: 10am - 12pm

This is a 1 hour virtual course for branch treasurers and other reps who deal with union finances working in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Cymru/Wales and the Eastern, London and the South East, Midlands, North West, Northern, South West, Yorkshire & Humberside regions Please contact us if you work in another region to check if funding can be arranged.

Learning Support for PCS Digital

12 May: 12pm - 1pm

Learn the skills to be able to offer training and support to reps in your workplace or branch on PCS Digital, and the PCS Membership System. This key role will help build the union's organising capacity. This one hour session will include training on the digital tools themselves, as well as how to deliver this training to branch colleagues. Tools covered will include: how to register for PCS Digital and how to update members personal communication details.

Advocates 1 - Eastern, London and the South East

6 May: 12pm - 1pm

The key to a stronger PCS is greater participation by members in the day-to-day running of the union at the local level. If you are willing to help out a little come along to this session to talk about how you can play a role in your union as a workplace advocate.

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