30 November 2021

When will my years of loyal public service be repaid?

PCS members are questioning when their hard work and commitment will be repaid with a decent pay rise.  

A PCS member who works for the MoD told us:

"I served my country in the army since the age of 16, and have been a civil servant for over 21 years.

"When I started in the civil service I appreciated I would never be rich, but I valued the opportunity to continue to serve my country.

"When I started I was unable to survive on the meagre £16,281 starting salary and had to have a second job, but at the time I had faith that my wages would increase and that it wouldn’t be forever.

"It was a very hard time: working days, then 3 or 4 nights a week and weekends, which affected my health.

"I started work in a team of 8 people and now there are only 4 of us. There have been multiple mental break downs, mental health issues, depression and exhaustion. None of us have been able to survive financially by just doing our day job.

"I'm not talking about holidays, new cars, takeaways. I’m talking about men in their 50s living in one room, with no social life, working just to live.

"I cannot afford to put my heating on, I am constantly looking for extra ways to make money or save money. I live off interest free credit cards, paying the previous card off with a new interest free card, extending the term."


"We have been cruelly betrayed by the government. The government always seems to find the money that "isn't there" to give MPs pay rises and benefits packages. At the same time it refuses to give us a meagre 10% pay rise, when it's far less than we are owed - not including the changes and overcharging of our pensions.

"I firmly believe that both my colleagues and myself have done more than our part and that repaying our loyalty and commitment is long overdue."

Use the new PCS pensions loss calculator, which will show how much you have overpaid for your pension this month and then share your loss on social media on payday. You should also input your loss into our editable graphic, and use our e-action to share what you have lost with their MP.

Tell us about your financial struggles and email your graphic to editor@pcs.org.uk We want as many people as possible to do this on payday.