28 June 2022

Why vote yes in the industrial action ballot at OCS

Dozens of new members have joined PCS so they can vote in the ballot over low pay, terms and conditions.

PCS is balloting members employed by OCS on the HMCTS contract over a pay offer of just 27p above the national minimum wage. OCS is accredited by the Real Living Wage Foundation as a Real Living Wage employer yet is refusing to meet our demands on pay for those keeping the courts safe and operational.

More than three dozen new members have joined PCS in the first week of the industrial action ballot. All those who join by 5pm on Wednesday 29June 2022 are entitled to vote in the ballot, which opened on 16 June. 

Why members are voting yes

PCS members have been telling us why they are voting yes for industrial action.

One member told us: “There are many reasons why I voted, of which, looking after more than one court building and 12 officers for 52p above minimum wage is one. To have a non-guaranteed bonus in place that can be taken away at the whim of a manager and does not form part of your basic pay is insulting. The continual expectation of a 5 star service and excellence in return for the minimum wage!”

Another member said, “I am voting yes because we need a decent wage to make sure we can survive. Most officers work more than 40 hours or we couldn't pay our bills. It won’t be long before we are at the food banks.”

And another member said, “I voted yes. I have only been with OCS a short time, and they keep saying we are one big family yet we are abused at any opportunity by OCS with their threats. It is a poorly paid job and we are not respected for what is expected.”

Not got a ballot paper?

If you need a replacement ballot paper email balloting@pcs.org.uk by no later than 5pm on Friday 1 July. In your email you should include your name, address and PCS membership number or National Insurance number.

Not voting is the same as voting to accept the 27p per hour offer.