29 October 2021

Why we are voting yes in the PCS DVLA ballot

Our members in DVLA have been sharing why they are voting yes for action in the PCS postal ballot, which runs until 10 November.

In the ballot, we are asking members if they would be prepared to take part in strike action and action short of a strike to win the dispute that has been ongoing since February.

Ministers have already undone two deals to date that could have resolved the dispute and refuse to admit there are health and safety issues left to address. 

Members have shared with us why they’ve voted.

For Thomas it’s about respect: “Ballot posted. It’s time to tell senior management we deserve respect; we should not be scapegoated for their lack of innovation.”

Sarah has voted yes because she believes the DVLA “should not be allowed to gamble with our safety”.

“I also vote yes to show a stand of unity going forward to help get better pay, better working conditions and better treatment overall,” she said. “We are not the poor relative of all other civil servant departments we are their equal and we demand that we are treated the same. Finally, I vote yes because my CEO told me not to.”

Daniel is voting yes because he has concerns about Covid safety on site. “I am voting yes after pinging twice (for Covid) in as many weeks. I was only in for one and a half days on each week,” he said.

Members can apply for a replacement postal ballot by emailing balloting@pcs.org.uk The email must contain either their membership or National Insurance number and their postal address,  this is to enable us to check the details we hold are correct or update accordingly before issuing a replacement. Members are asked not to copy in other departments when submitting their requests to balloting.

Replacement requests are postal only, the cut-off date for requests is by no later than noon, on Tuesday, 2 November.

The deadline for new members to join and vote has now passed.

Read our frequently asked questions about the DVLA ballot.