6 May 2021

A woman’s place is at work with equal rights

It’s the 21st century, so of course women have full equality with men at work – right? Sadly. Wrong. 

Last year, the gender pay gap was 8.9%. This figure has barely changed since 2012.

And, many women still do not get paid the same as men for work of equal value.

But here’s the good news – unions like PCS actively promote equality and stand up against discrimination of all types, and if necessary, taking legal action.

Unions like PCS have won many essential rights for women at work over many years – around discrimination, sexual harassment, ensuring you can’t be sacked for being pregnant and securing more maternity leave. We also campaign to end violence against women.

Perhaps then, it’s not surprising that of a rise of 200,000 in union membership across the UK since 2017, a massive 170,000 were women. And the majority of our members are women.

PCS actively supports equality within our union too. We are encouraging women to play a more active role by becoming PCS Advocates – members who get involved and help build the strength of our union in their workplace.

You could make a real difference.

A woman’s place is in her union.

Join us.