14 February 2022

Young members explain why they’re backing the campaign and voting in PCS ballot

As our national consultative ballot on pay and pensions has opened today, PCS young members explain why they’re backing the PCS campaign and voting yes for action.

We are holding a national consultative ballot for all our public sector members from 14 February to 21 March. The ballot will ask members whether they support our campaign demands, which include a 10% cost-of-living pay rise and pensions justice, and whether they would be prepared to take industrial action if those demands are not met. 

This is not a strike ballot. It will ask members what action they would be prepared to take. A statutory industrial action ballot might follow later.

Get involved

Young members from our DWP young members’ advisory committee have shared why they are getting involved with our campaign.

Ethan said: “As young members it’s important that we do our utmost to support the fight for pay and pensions to ensure that both we and our fellow colleagues receive what we deserve for the hard work that we do.”

Robert is urging all public sector members in the ballot to use their vote: “You don’t need to be a pensions expert to know that we are being, collectively, ripped off. That’s why I am participating in PCS’ national campaign for fair pay, a reduction in pension contributions, and an increase in pension benefits.”

Vijay believes we “need to stick together to win a fair wage for a fair day’s work”.

“Energy bills are soaring and rents continue to rise, but our pay has remained stagnant over the pandemic; pay which was already greatly diminished in value after many years of the public sector pay cap,” he said.

“We know that the most powerful tool we have is our solidarity, and our ability to take action. But for our collective strength to be most effective, we have to make sure that we’re all mobilising to improve turnout in the ballot. It means persuading our colleagues why a yes vote is necessary, and it means recruiting new members to keep our membership and density high, as well as to breathe new life into our union as a whole.”

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We need members to: