1 October: why we’re protesting the Tory conference

22 Sep 2017

In the run-up to the demonstration outside Tory party conference in Manchester on 1 October members are sharing why they are marching.

Our message to the Tories on the first day of their conference is that they must scrap the cap and pay us an inflation-busting pay rise.

We are joining members of all major unions at the anti-austerity demo organised by the People’s Assembly and calling for:

  • the 1% public sector pay cap to be scrapped
  • investment in public services and public sector jobs, the health service and the education system
  • housing, jobs and living standards for all.

Enough is enough

3 PCS members have shared why they are marching.

For Nicola, who works in DWP, enough is enough: “I'll be attending on the first of October because enough is enough, my quality of life is worse than it was 7 years ago, austerity isn't working.”

Retired member Sue is keen to support former colleagues.

“I am a PCS ARMS (LINK) now. I will be attending the Anti-austerity March in support of my former colleagues.”

DWP rep Andy is sick of struggling to get by.

He said: “As I PCS rep, I am attending the October march for a number of reasons, firstly I have lived sparsely since the pay cap was set up. Yet my employers received an 11% pay increase, which is unfair.

“More importantly I am attending the march to join others who have their own reasons, so we can all join our voices together to show the government and make them realise that we are asking for is to allow us to have some standard of living following years of austerity.”

Back the PCS pay campaign

The demonstration forms part of the PCS campaign on pay, and will follow payday rallies and activities across the UK on Friday, 29 September and ahead of our national pay ballot which begins on 9 October.

We want a visible and vibrant PCS contingent on the day to send a powerful message to the government that we deserve a decent, fully-funded pay rise.

Find out more about our pay campaign.

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