10 reasons to protest the Tories on 1 October

27 Sep 2017

Read 10 reasons to join PCS members and thousands of others in Manchester on Sunday (1 October) protesting the Tory party conference and calling for an end to the public sector pay cap.

We're looking for as many members as possible, and their families, friends and colleagues, to demonstrate against the cuts as the Tories meet at the opening of their conference. Here are 10 reasons to get involved on the day:

  1. To back the PCS call for a fully-funded, inflation-busting pay rise for all public sector workers.
  2. Because seven years of Tory cuts have devastated the services we all rely on and closed hundreds of government offices, including courts, jobcentres, HMRC offices and MOD sites, as shown on the PCS cuts map.
  3. Because now is the time for all workers to come together to achieve an alternative to austerity.
  4. Because 250,000 children are being forced into poverty under welfare cuts introduced in April.
  5. Because it is a disgrace that in the world’s fifth richest country 1,182,954 3-day emergency food supplies were given to people in crisis by Trussell Trust foodbanks in 2016-2017.
  6. To put pressure on a weak and divided government that has no mandate for its continuing cuts.
  7. To call for investment in HMRC to help tackle the £120 billion annual tax gap which would mean the government could invest in communities, the welfare state and NHS.
  8. To say it’s time to help the 14 million people living in poverty in the UK.
  9. Because by playing your part and joining the demo you are helping to take our campaign for an alternative to austerity forward.
  10. To join the 4-day Take Back Manchester Festival of debate, music and politics in the city organised by the People's Assembly.  

Read why other people are joining the demo and tell us why you’re protesting, email editor@pcs.org.uk

If you’re a PCS member contact your regional office to find out about transport to the event.

Work in the civil service but not a PCS member? Apply to join online today and get involved with our campaigning in your workplace.

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