17 November join PCS on the unity demo against fascism and racism

06 Nov 2018

The TUC, trades unions and other campaigners have agreed to support a national unity demonstration against fascism and racism in London on 17 November.

The demo is assembling at noon at Portland Place, outside the BBC. PCS will be there with flags from 11am.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka will be speaking at the rally at the end of the demo, in his role as president of the TUC and the event is supported by shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and the honorary chair of the PCS Parliamentary Group shadow chancellor John McDonnell. The rally takes place from 2pm along Whitehall outside Downing Street.

At an international Stand Up to Racism conference on 20 October at Friends Meeting House in London both John McDonnell and Diane Abbott spoke to a packed audience of more than 1400 people, including our PCS delegation, and urged unity across the movement to fight the rise of the far right. - “Trade unions and the labour movement must overcome any sectarianism to work together against the growing threat of the far right.”

The Stand Up To Racism demo is set to be the largest anti-racist/anti-fascist event of 2018 and the TUC is urging trade unions to mobilise for the event.  

Unions voted to get involved with the organisation of the rally at this year’s TUC Congress. Seconding the motion for PCS, delegate and PCS vice president Kevin McHugh said: “We must take to the streets and proclaim our unity in the face of this.

“We must demonstrate in our hundreds of thousands.”

For more details, including transport, see the Facebook event page.  

The PCS Samba Band will head up our union's presence on the day.

Contact your regional office for details on any transport being arranged with sister unions and other campaigning organisations.

Find details on Facebook for transport from the following towns and cities:

To contact PCS about the demo email araf@pcs.org.uk   


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