20 September – PCS solidarity with climate strikers

23 Aug 2019

PCS supports the climate strikers taking action on 20 September and is calling on branches to show solidarity with them on the day.

The UK Student Climate Network is calling on everyone – young, old, communities, trade unionists – to come out in solidarity with them on 20 September. This is part of a global mobilisation to highlight the need for urgent action on climate change ahead of UN talks in New York on 23 September. 

All PCS workplaces are encouraged to support the day of action in whichever they feel appropriate without risk to members. We fully support the global student strikes but the UK’s repressive trade union laws mean we cannot call on our members to take strike action. Instead we are asking members to:

  • Ask their employer for time off work to join local rallies – see the UKSCN website for details – but don’t take time off without agreement.
  • Link up with other unions in your local area, such as through your trades councils.
  • Organise something in the lunch break outside your workplace – be visible and take photos.
  • Organise around PCS pickets on the day.
  • Start discussions with members on climate change and why it’s an issue for workers.
  • Use this as an opportunity to highlight and call for the repeal of the anti-trade union laws.

The UK parliament declared an environment and climate emergency on 1 May but as the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has said, our politicians are not acting like the house is on fire. We need to change that. But we need to ensure the solutions are rooted in economic, social and environmental justice including for the global south on the frontline of fighting climate change and not an excuse for a new eco-austerity.

Stay up-to-date on actions PCS members are organising or participating in via the PCS Climate Justice Facebook page, on Twitter or via this website.

Tell us what you are doing, by emailing green@pcs.org.uk. and let’s ensure PCS is part of the biggest trade union mobilisation yet on climate change.

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