23 September: join PCS in celebrating Bi Visibility Day

21 Sep 2017

Wear purple on Saturday (23) to show your solidarity with international Bi Visibility Day, which highlights biphobia and helps people to find the bi community.

Eddy Nixon, secretary of and bisexual members' rep for PCS Proud, says in an article in our equality section that even when discussing important issues such as hate crime, bisexuality is often sidelined.

"Too often reports and discussions will focus on the victims of homophobic and/or transphobic hate crime, essentially erasing bisexual hate and victims from the conversation. While many of the experiences for L and G victims may be the same as bi victims, there are also many unique aspects and it’s important that these are acknowledged as part of the wider conversation," he says.

"So until the Bi is no longer omitted from simple things, such as acronyms, we as a community still have a fight ahead of us."

Read Eddy's article in full.

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