29 March: keeping up the pressure on pay

27 Mar 2018

Our payday protests will continue ahead of the Easter weekend with our sticker up workplace campaign.  We are asking you to show support by wearing a special pay sticker on Thursday 29 March.

It is becoming even more important now to keep up the pressure on government, as the pay cap in the NHS has been removed, paving the way for more movement on public sector pay.

Our members have been telling us why it is important for them to keep on protesting.

Nikki Palmer, who works for the DWP in Plymouth, said: “I think the pay cap should be scrapped because we are all living day to day. There are staff that are having to resort to claiming Tax Credits; if their pay rises then the government would save more money because less would have to make a claim.

I was looking through my payslips from 1996 and my take home pay has only risen by £90! I am a single parent household with one eligible child and I have been withholding making a tax credits claim (mainly because of the previous tax credits fiasco which saw me in arrears of £8000) but I can’t go on living with my current salary because by week three I have no money left after my bills are paid.”

Jacquie Hadfield, who is a member of PCS’s associate and retired members’ group (ARMs), echoed the sentiment that it is in everyone’s interests for the cap to be removed.  She said, “Public sector workers need a decent pay rise to be able to contribute to the economy more as well as having a reasonable lifestyle.

Baljit Johal works at Holborn House in Derby, where they will be holding a payday protest.  He said: “I have worked in the DWP for the last 9 years and since then me and my young family have struggled financially due not seeing my pay go up.

My pay has not increased but the cost of living has increased significantly; we struggle to make ends meet every month.

I refuse to do overtime on principle. How can the government justify paying overtime money week in week out but at the same time refuse to pay us the wage we deserve?”

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