29 March: sticker up - show your support for PCS payday activities

26 Mar 2018

We are urging PCS members to show support for our campaign for an above-inflation pay rise by getting involved with our latest payday activities on 29 March.

As pay talks are soon to take place with the Cabinet Office we need all members and representatives to actively support our pay campaign to keep up the pressure on pay and force the government to deliver our pay claim. 

This payday we want members to share photos on social media of them wearing our ‘I support the PCS pay campaign’ stickers and download, sign and share our petition calling on Cabinet Office minister David Lidington to deliver fully-funded, above-inflation pay rises across the civil service. Ask your rep for a sticker or contact your PCS regional centre.

Tens of thousands of our members have taken part in payday protests over the past few months, as well as showing their support for action on pay in our national consultative pay ballot last year.

Build for payday activity on 30 April

In the run-up to payday on 30 April PCS reps will talking to members and urging them to get involved in activities and encouraging non-members to join PCS and support our pay campaign. On the day reps will be asking all members to sign the petition in readiness for our Big Petition payday activity on 30 April. Big petitions are as they sound – all the signatures on a single, large placard, which are then used in photo opportunities with the maximum numbers of members taking part.

We need more members involved

We want to increase participation across the union and to maximise involvement in and support for both the pay campaign and in union activity more generally. A key part of this year’s PCS organising strategy, which conference will debate and discuss, is to increase the number of union advocates to 10,000 by 2020.

We will be offering members an opportunity to join a webinar on 14 April for members who want to get more involved in the pay campaign specifically and to build for the Big Petition activity on 30 April. Members will be sent a separate invite nearer the time, but this is worth mentioning to members who you know are active supporters of the union and who would want to get more involved in the pay campaign specifically and in building for the Big Petition activity on 30 April

Give us feedback

In readiness for future ballots, we’d like to know from branches what worked well and what could have worked better. Spend 5 minutes giving us feedback on the consultative ballot by completing our survey.

What you can do

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