29 September: organising your pay protest

26 Sep 2017

Ahead of the PCS payday protests against the 1% public sector pay cap on Friday (29) read our tips to make the day a success where you work.

We are organising a range of activities for members to get involved in our pay campaign including payday protests, in every civil service workplace in the UK on 29 September.

PCS continues to campaign for the cap to be lifted and all members to be given a rise of 5% or an increase of £1200, to start rectifying years of politically-driven pay restraint.

This government is weak and divided - particularly around the issue of public sector pay – so this is a great opportunity to show your support through public protests and finally get the pay cap lifted. The government is on the back foot and making concessions on the pay cap for senior civil servants, police and prison officers. But, we must not let them divide public sector workers. The Scottish Government say it will scrap the cap next year, but has not said how it will invest in pay or whether there will be real pay increases for our members in the devolved sector.

More protests, involving members from more departments, will take place in the run-up to the budget on 22 November and we are holding a consultative pay ballot from 9 October to 6 November to ask members what action they would support, including industrial action, to break the cap.

Help make protests a success

We are asking all members and supporters in the civil service to join lunchtime protests outside their workplaces on 29 September. We need as many people as possible to join these protests to send a powerful message to the government to lift the cap. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Talk to your colleagues about the photo opportunity protest on 29 September
  • Download and print out your photo opp card 
  • Meet at the agreed time and pose with your photo opp cards for your nominated photographer
  • If there’s nothing planned in your workplace, why not organise a protest?
  • Share photographs and stories from the day on social media and email them to editor@pcs.org.uk
  • Attend any locally organised members’ meeting
  • Get more involved with PCS – consider becoming a union advocate
  • Sign up to the PCS Fighting Fund so we can support members taking sustained targeted action.

You can also help support our campaign by tweeting using #scrapthecap

For more see our pay campaign pages.

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