29 September: take a selfie to say scrap the cap

22 Sep 2017

To help you organise your group or individual lunchtime pay protest next Friday (29 September) there is a special photo opp card inside the latest issue of our national magazine PCS People.

The latest issue focuses on pay and the need to maximise the turnout and a huge yes vote in next month’s PCS pay ballot which will send  a well-timed message to the government about willingness to take action over the 1% cap ahead of the budget on 22 November.

Your copy of the magazine should arrive ahead of the event but if it doesn’t you can download a photo opp card and still get involved.

Why not get members together from your workplace and take a group photo?

Once you’ve taken your photo:

You can also support the campaign by telling everyone you are voting, and you’re voting yes.

PCS is also supporting a number of rallies and demonstrations aimed at scrapping the cap, including:

1 October – Demonstration at the Tory party conference in Manchester

1 October – Anti-austerity demonstration in Belfast

5 October – Pay, people and power lecture by PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka in Glasgow

17 October – TUC rally and Lobby of parliament https://www.facebook.com/events/1764165350279336/

21 October – Newcastle TUC pay rally.

Get ready for the ballot:

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