31 March: join the PCS payday protest

16 Mar 2017

PCS is asking members to get involved in a major, nationwide day of pay protests on the last payday in March.

Our payday protests on 31 March will send a powerful message to government that we need and deserve a decent pay rise and will back up our national pay claim to the Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer and the head of the civil service Jeremy Heywood.

Take-home pay for PCS members in the civil service and related bodies has been driven down by the 1% pay cap, by changes to the pension scheme and by increases to National Insurance contributions, causing real hardship. We say, it’s time to put this right and negotiate a real pay increase.

Members around the country will hold short, high-profile events at their workplaces, coming together for an eye-catching photo opportunity and publicising these on social media and the PCS website. There are photo opp cards available for civil members and a separate version for those in the commercial sector.

We’ll use photos and messages from the payday protests to demonstrate to the government that PCS members support this national pay claim. The protests, just before the Treasury publishes its pay guidance for 2017, are your chance to drive home one powerful message:

  • Our pay has been eroded for far too long – it’s time to drop the 1% cap and negotiate increases in our pay above the rate of inflation.
  • We are calling for a pay increase of 5% or £1,200 – whichever is the greater.

Unarguable case

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: "There is now an overwhelming and unarguable case to end the public sector pay cap to prevent a further decline in living standards in the coming years.”

We need everyone to get involved.

Central London-based members will gather outside the Treasury building at 1pm on 31 March, with speakers and photo stunts taking our message right to the heart of government.

Your local PCS rep will let you know the protest plan for your workplace – and if you have your own idea for something special you and your fellow PCS members could do to get noticed that day, let your rep know.

Petitions – have your say

In the build-up to the protest, our members will be able to sign an online petition. This is your chance to tell the Treasury to scrap the pay cap.

Email Treasury minister David Gauke to say it’s time to give us a real pay increase.

There is also be a hard copy petition for PCS members to sign at work. Download, print out and complete and return it by 9 June to your PCS rep at work or our organising department, PCS, 160 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2LN.

This is directed at the Treasury and points out how far our pay has fallen behind comparable sectors, and how badly this is affecting people.

Don't forget that the payday protests are a great opportunity to encourage your colleagues to join our union – the more PCS members we have, the more effective we can be.

Let’s all get involved on 31 March to say loud and clear: we need and deserve a decent pay rise – it’s time to scrap the pay cap and pay up. If you work on a government contract in the commercial sector and have an issue on pay join in the protest and if your payday falls on another day, then hold your protest then.

Branches are asked to:

  • Mobilise members now to take part in activities and protest events on payday
  • Decide how many photo opp cards you need and order directly from our print unit by 24 March at the latest: printu@pcs.org.uk
  • Where your branch has arranged activities tell us by contacting organising@pcs.org.uk

Join our pay campaign and email Treasury minister David Gauke to tell him the pay cap can't continue, and that it's time to give the civil service a real pay increase.

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