31 May – join payday protests and get ready for the PCS pay ballot

24 May 2018

We need all members to join PCS payday protests on 31 May as we gear up for our most important industrial action ballot for years.

Our conference in Brighton voted overwhelmingly this week to support a motion to hold an industrial action on pay and we need all members to play their part to ensure we get a huge turnout in next month’s ballot. A large yes vote will help to increase the pressure on the government to force them to give us the decent, fully-funded pay rise we all deserve.

We are demanding that all staff across the civil service are given a fully-funded pay increase of 5%, but the Cabinet Office has told us that the government has only budgeted for a 1% pay rise for the UK civil service and related areas. PCS members have previously been led to believe that the 1% pay cap had been lifted.

A 5% pay increase will go some way to addressing the fact that all civil service staff are worse off since the imposition of the pay cap in 2010.

Tens of thousands of our members have taken part in payday protests over the past few months, as well as showing their support for action on pay in our national consultative pay ballot last year.

This payday we want you to talk to colleagues about the need to vote yes in the forthcoming ballot, use the PCS pay calculator to see how much you’ve lost over the past 8 years of pay restraint and organise workplace photoshoots in support of our pay campaign. We want members to share photos on social media and download, sign and share our petition calling on Cabinet Office minister David Lidington to deliver fully-funded, above-inflation pay rises across the civil service. Ask your rep for pay campaign materials or contact your PCS regional centre.

We need more members involved

We want to increase participation across the union and to maximise involvement in and support for both our pay campaign. Watch our video on how you can help to build our campaign, grow our membership and win a pay rise for all. The first step to doing that is watching this short video about becoming a PCS Advocate: 

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