A third of government departments still not observing social distancing measures, a 2nd PCS members' survey finds 

03 Apr 2020

PCS members are still encountering multiple problems at work around the coronavirus, including no clear policies on handwashing, sickness policies and general dissatisfaction within the civil service. 

In the second survey from 31 March there were 9,651 responses. This was a repeat of the survey sent out on 18 March which received 15,000 responses. 

37% of members said their employer doesn’t have social distancing for all staff. This compares to 67% in the previous survey.  

14.5% don’t have clear polices on handwashing at work whereas it was 16% in the first survey.  

And dissatisfaction with employers is at 20% - down from 28% previously.  

The full list of opinions employer policies is as follows:  

· 14.5% (16%) do not have clear policies on handwashing 

· 10.8% (20%) do not have social distancing policies for those with underlying health problems 

· 3.7% (6%) do not have self-isolation policies for staff with flu-like symptoms 

· 16% (38%) do not have social distancing policies for all but essential staff 

· 37% (67%) do not have social distancing for all staff (building closures) 

· 16% (24%) have not issued guidance the implementation of sickness policies 

· 8% (13%) are very dissatisfied and 12% (15%) are dissatisfied with their employers’ approach to the coronavirus outbreak 


When asked how important the following issues are to PCS members on a scale 1-5 with 5 being most important) the list below shows the  % of members who chose ‘5.’ The bracketed number represents the first survey.  

· 72% (75%) Prevention of infection (social distancing an home working) 

· 78% (81%) prevention of infection for those in public facing roles 

· 79% (82%) procedures if there is an outbreak at work 

· 76% (81%) rights to sick pay 

· 74% (80%) special arrangements for staff with pre-existing conditions 

· 72% (79%) procedures for members with caring responsibilities 

· 69% (73%) same procedures for contractors 

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