Activate Issue 3 2017

Welcome back to the latest digital Activate, designed to give PCS activists the latest news and tools to help them organise, campaign and represent their members.
In this edition we’re launching a number of guides to help support our reps and activists in their union work.
There’s a new ‘How To’ guide on recruiting new staff and apprentices at inductions, as well as tips on signing up more members to donate to the fighting fund, and guidance for those who are involved in negotiating new performance management systems. We’re also pointing reps to what’s needed to get members ‘DD ready’ in the face of the new Trade Union Act.
At PCS annual conference we spoke to one Lewisham jobcentre rep about their people-focused closure campaign, and to new delegates at about why they got involved and how they try to encourage others to become active.
Included in this edition:

Cuts and closures: Battling to serve the vulnerable
DWP Lewisham jobcentre rep Tony Reay explains how they’ve focused their closure campaign on protecting a local face-to-face service for vulnerable people. Also see our new campaign tool - an interactive map of office closures. Read more

Guide on recruiting at inductions
Union learning Download our new ‘how to’ guide on recruiting new staff and apprentices. Facilities are available to talk to new starters at their induction meetings - take action on day one! Read more


Anti-union law means we must be ‘DD ready
The new Trade Union Act means it’s more important than ever to ensure members are ready to pay their union subs by direct debit, as check-off could now be removed from other departments and employers. Read more

New ADC delegates: ‘How I got involved’
Activate talked to some of the members on the union’s new delegates programme at PCS annual conference, about their union work and how they try to get others involved. Read more

Help boost the PCS fighting fund
Personal cases 3 month deadline Reps are urged to help boost subscriptions to the fighting fund, which have fallen short of the numbers needed to help support action like the current strikes at EHRC. See our reps’ guide on ways to help. Read more


Break the link: guidance for performance management negotiations
PCS has published a guide for reps dealing with negotiations on performance management. The five-point guide lists the key principles that need to be incorporated into new systems by employers, including breaking the link with pay. Read more

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