Activate Issue 6 2017

Welcome back to the latest digital Activate, designed to give PCS activists the latest news and tools to help them organise, campaign and represent their members.

The pay campaign remains high on the agenda as we close out the year with a report on activities in the run up to our hugely successful pay ballot.

A training visit from renowned US union organiser Jane McAlevey has given us loads of inspiration for increasing activity in our workplaces. And on that note, we report on a three-month project to work on membership density and activism in HMRC.

There’s also the first of our new column on representing members, with personal case lead for the Home Office group, Malcolm Davey.

In this edition:


Pay campaign delivers historic result
A period of intense activity helped deliver the fantastic results of the pay ballot. The hard work of reps and officers helped deliver a record turnout of 48.8% – within “touching distance” of the 50% we’d need in a ballot for action.


Organising to win 1: ‘We are patient, disciplined and methodical’
As a union, how do we actively seek out and nurture the most respected grassroots leaders to strengthen our organisation in the workplace?  That was the core question at the heart of an inspirational visit to PCS by union organiser Jane McAlevey.

Organising to win 2: testing the strength of the membership
Jane McAlevey’s main organising focus is on forming ‘high participation’ unions at workplace level. Key to assessing the strength of your membership is to conduct a series of ‘structure tests’, she explains.

HMRC project tackles recruitment head on
An urgent recruitment drive in HMRC is well under way, with the aim of improving membership density and activism in the group. PCS organising officer Laura Bee reports on what they’ve been doing in the Midlands.

Representing Members: analysing personal casework
In the first of our regular columns on representing members, personal case lead for the Home Office group, Malcolm Davey, explains how they’ve gathered data on more than 800 personal cases and are using it to bring about improvements and organise.

Young members get active to boost involvement
Activities ranging from social events to specialist talks and yoga sessions were held during November to help recruit young members and apprentices and get them more involved in the union.


New data law no barrier to organising
PCS is getting ready for important changes that will come with the introduction of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018.


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