Pay ballot: tell PCS you have voted

Knowing who has voted, and who hasn’t, is one of the best ways to ensure we achieve the 50% turnout we need in our current pay ballot.

After urging members to use their vote, it’s also vitally important to convince them to spend a few seconds letting the union know, so reps and union officers only spend time chasing up those who have not yet voted.

Members do not need to tell us how they have voted, but simply confirm that they have posted their ballot paper. Branches will also be able to register members as having voted.

A branch briefing has been issued, to explain to reps how the system works:

  • In the week beginning 2 July, all branch secretaries and organisers were sent an email to their personal email addresses containing a web link, leading to an Excel spreadsheet listing all members in the branch, arranged by workplace.  On the spreadsheet is a button that runs a programme to update your membership list from a central source, so that branches can update the list showing which members have voted.
  • The spreadsheet is password protected and an email containing the password for your branch list will be sent separately.  It will only show members for your branch and only your branch officers will have access to the list.  It must be kept confidential.
  • Once members have voted, make sure they tell us they have voted. They can also tell a branch officer – the branch must then update the voting list by going to

Members can tell us they have voted either by:

  1. Clicking on the ‘I have voted’ button that will be sent to their personal email addresses or mobile numbers.
  2. Visiting the link at any time and entering their details.
  3. Telling branch reps that they have voted. Branches can record details of members who have voted by adding in their details here:

Reminding members to vote:

In the final three weeks of the ballot, from 2 July to the point at which the ballot closes on 23 July, we need to talk to every member who has not yet voted. All of our efforts will be put into talking individually to every member who has not yet indicated they have voted, reminding and encouraging these members to vote.

To help, branches will want to ask members who have already voted to remind their non-voting colleagues to vote, and to divide up the non-voting list amongst active members of the branch.

The branch list you have been sent can be cut and re-ordered to divide up which members need to be contacted by which active members of the branch.

Phone banking – we need your help:

The most important way of encouraging members to vote is for you to talk to members face to face, in your workplaces.

We will supplement the face-to-face work by phoning members to remind them to vote. Our aim is to phone at least 60,000 members during the final three weeks of the ballot.

In order to do this we need your help and the help of your active members.

Please contact your PCS regional or national office if your branch members can volunteer on one or more of the following:
Saturday 7 July
Saturday 14 July
Any evening from 2 to 18 July

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