Use CSCS campaign to boost workplace activity

With PCS back at the negotiating table over yet more proposed cuts to redundancy terms, general secretary Mark Serwotka has been reminding members to further strengthen the union’s hand by recruiting and getting active in their workplaces.

Thanks to the solid backing of members PCS has already achieved a remarkable court victory over the government – which forced them to reverse cuts imposed on the civil service compensation scheme (CSCS) in 2016 – but now they are back again to try to make cuts of around 30%.

PCS and other unions are in negotiations with the Cabinet Office, during which we are defending future terms and have won further important concessions on how people are being compensated for the unlawful 2016 cuts.

In a video update Mark said everything that had been achieved so far was because members had “stood up to the government, voted to reject their imposed terms and [were] part of a strong trade union”.

He said it was important that as PCS continues to defend terms and conditions that the union remains strong: “I’m urging you if you’re in a workplace where you know someone who is not a member of PCS to ask them to join.”

The fact that the government still wanted to reduce redundancy terms by 30% was “completely unacceptable”, added Mark.

The legal victory has resulted in members receiving compensation of up to £50,000 to right the wrong that was done to them by the government in 2016.

During recent negotiations further significant concessions have been achieved so far, including:

  • The government reconsidering the cases of people denied access to an unreduced pension under the 2016 terms
  • The government conceding that people who left on voluntary exit terms may be entitled to more money
  • And the writing off of ‘overpayments’ for the few people who did better under the 2016 terms.

CAMPAIGN UPDATES: No cuts to civil service redundancy pay

Updated 11 April 2018

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