Get involved with PCS training for reps

A wide selection of PCS training courses are now available to book for the autumn term.

Providing high-quality training to help our activists get involved and carry out their PCS work is a major priority for the union. See below for some recent feedback from reps.

Sessions range from introductory courses for new reps and advocates, to honing organising, negotiating or campaigning skills, to learning about specific topics such as mental health issues, neurodiversity, transgender awareness or discrimination at work.

The term runs from September to December 2017.

Courses also include:

  • Representing members / handling personal cases
  • Skills for specific roles like branch treasurers and Union Learning Reps
  • Health and safety training
  • Understanding civil service pensions
  • Negotiating for apprentices
  • Using social media

Forums and seminars are also being put on by some of our networks such as PCS Women, Young Members, Black Members, LGBT/Proud, and Disabled Members. The events calendar can be downloaded from here.
If you spot courses taking place that you’d like to see in your area ask your branch to contact the regional office/national hub – events and courses can be organised, and designed, according to demand. PCS officers can also deliver ‘bite-sized’ training in your branch if there is a localised requirement.
If you identify other union courses you are interested in through the TUC, the GFTU, or other providers, the branch should get in touch with your regional office/national hub to discuss.

We can provide funding (eg for travel costs) for some courses, or you could choose to do one of the new online courses.

‘I can’t wait to put this into place’

Recent attendees share their thoughts on PCS courses:

New reps course, Workington
“The course itself was very well presented and delivered by the tutor. She went out of her way to ensure everyone felt included and comfortable when offering their opinions and thoughts, inviting discussion and also challenging us to think more constructively in how we work and learn together.
I was very proud of the people I was on the course with – their energy and enthusiasm for working together to protect their future was a joy to be part of.”
David Brockway, DWP

Personal Cases Training, Glasgow
“Although most people in the group had at least some experience of personal cases, many of us had none at all. Despite the differences in our levels of knowledge and experience, everyone had something to offer and it was very useful hearing alternative perspectives on how reps approach personal cases.
The tutor offered an open forum for trainees to express our thoughts and opinions, without fear of being wrong. The feedback was constructive and it became clear, very early on, that we all knew more than we thought we did. I therefore gained confidence, something which I had previously lacked, in becoming a successful personal cases officer. I have now taken on a number of personal cases and find I continue to refer back to my course notes.”
Clare Mcinally, DWP

Union Learning Reps (ULR) training course, Manchester
“I was able to network with other ULRs in different organisations and see how they deliver their role. I still keep in touch with other ULRs from the course which is really great when comparing ideas for organising local/internal events. The course really helped me see where I fit within PCS and my branch while also giving me the tools to help my members. My members have definitely benefited and changes have already been made in a short space of time within the branch. Would definitely recommend!”
Steven Percy, Acas

New reps course, Workington
“I really enjoyed the course, it was great to learn everything about the union at rep level, and to learn what is done further up at national level. It was great to learn about exactly what reps do and how we can have an impact on the workplace. I can’t wait to put this into place and start my work as a rep.”
Abbie Martin, HMRC

New reps course, PCS HQ
“Brilliant course - well worth my time. It was informative and the course tutors were really knowledgeable.”
One of the best parts was meeting the other new representatives, sharing our knowledge, enthusiasm and realising ‘together we are stronger’.
I came back to my office motivated, and am now looking at taking on further roles to develop myself and inspiring others to do the same.”
Michelle White, DWP

Updated 11 April 2018

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