Organising to win 1: ‘We are patient, disciplined and methodical’
As a union, how do we actively seek out and nurture the most respected grassroots leaders to strengthen our organisation in the workplace?  That was the core question at the heart of an inspirational visit to PCS by union organiser Jane McAlevey. Read more

Organising to win 2: testing the strength of the membership
Jane McAlevey’s main organising focus is on forming ‘high participation’ unions at workplace level. Key to assessing the strength of your membership is to conduct a series of ‘structure tests’, she explains. Read more

HMRC project tackles recruitment head on
An urgent recruitment drive in HMRC is well under way, with the aim of improving membership density and activism in the group. PCS organising officer Laura Bee reports on what they’ve been doing in the Midlands. Read more

Representing members: analysing personal casework
In the first of our regular columns on representing members, personal case lead for the Home Office group, Malcolm Davey, explains how they’ve gathered data on more than 800 personal cases and are using it to bring about improvements and organise. Read more

Young members get active to boost involvement
Activities ranging from social events to specialist talks and yoga sessions were held during November to help recruit young members and apprentices and get them more involved in the union. Read more

Project launched to boost HMRC membership
PCS is pouring resources into improving union membership levels in the HMRC group, with a three-month project that will run until December. Read more

Representing members – we want your stories
Share your success stories, experiences and tips for a new regular Activate column that will deal with the day-to-day issues you face while representing your members. Read more

Use equalities events to increase participation
Black History Month being marked throughout October is an ideal reminder that PCS activists can use events and anniversaries to encourage union participation from members in under-represented groups. Read more

Recruitment at core of union’s future
Growing the membership through systematic workplace recruitment campaigns is a core objective for PCS, and we’ve now agreed to a target of 200,000 members by 2020. Find out how some branches are taking on the challenge. Read more

Anti-union law means we must be ‘DD ready’
The new Trade Union Act means it’s more important than ever to ensure members are ready to pay their union subs by direct debit, as check-off could now be removed from other departments and employers. Read more

Guide on recruiting at inductions
Union learning Download our new ‘how to’ guide on recruiting new staff and apprentices. Facilities are available to talk to new starters at their induction meetings - take action on day one! Read more

Union Learning key to apprenticeships strategy
Union learning How the PCS’s learning agenda, combined with a new deal with the Cabinet Office, can help civil service apprentices and the union. Read more

Safeguarding the future: recruiting apprentices
With around 30,000 apprentices being taken on by the civil service, reps are urged to recruit them, support them through their training and encourage them to become active in the union. Read more

Organising to build the union
PCS has turned a corner recently. Our draft organising strategy – which branches are urged to discuss ahead of conference – outlines our objectives as we strive to keep building the union in both the public and commercial sector. Read more

Recruitment success – keep up the good work
We’ve had great success with recruitment to PCS in recent months, thanks in part to reps in some areas using staff induction sessions to sign up groups of new members. Read more

What did the unions ever do for me
A rep explains how the DWP Fylde branch recruited 242 members at induction sessions last year. Read more

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