How to guide on recruiting at inductions

A new ‘How to’ guide is being issued to reps as part of the union’s drive to recruit new staff and apprentices, and get them involved in PCS.

With around 30,000 apprentices being taken on by the civil service by 2020, recruiting them to the union is a key priority as we keep building PCS for the future.

In most workplaces reps have facilities available to talk to new starters at their induction meetings.

It’s crucial that we take full advantage of this right, because more new members join the union in their first two weeks in work than at any other point.

New employees are far more likely to sign up if they can attend a structured session in which to find out the benefits of joining, and learn what PCS stands for.

It’s vital to get the points across clearly and briefly, but it’s not necessary to be an accomplished public speaker to address an induction meeting - just be authentic and positive. To help reps prepare, we’ve also published a model presentation that can be used and adapted.

Download the ‘How to’ guide and presentation

Branches should firstly review their current arrangements and approach the employer to gain agreement that they’ll give PCS advance notice whenever new employees are recruited, and provide PCS with an early opportunity to take part in the induction of all new staff.

‘I Facebook chat with the other apprentices’
Sixteen-year-old Abe Allen joined PCS when he started his apprenticeship at DCLG earlier this year. He attended the union’s annual conference in May, as an observer, and already has ambitions to become more involved.

“I speak to colleagues about the union on an apprenticeship group chat on Facebook. I tell them that if anything happens on their contract, PCS could fight for that,” he said. Read more from Abe and some of his fellow first-time delegates, about how they got active and what they do to get others involved.

Need more help with induction meetings?
Contact your regional office or email the national organising department at

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