Organising to build the union

A draft of the union’s new organising strategy has been sent to branches, who are urged to read and discuss it ahead of PCS annual conference in May.

It outlines the union’s key organising objectives for the coming year, as we strive to keep building the union in both the public and commercial sector.

PCS has turned a corner, following government attempts to undermine and destabilise it. There were higher recruitment levels in 2016 than any of the last 10 years, with over 14,000 new members joining the union – 30% more than in the previous year. In addition, hundreds of members have become active through the union advocate initiative and we are now far more capable of communicating directly with our members.  

Conference delegates will debate and vote on the strategy, and it’s vital that the final agreed plan is put in to action by colleagues at all levels of the union. Guides for reps at all levels of the union will be available to help put the strategy into practice.

The main goals in the draft organising strategy include:

  • Having a PCS voice and presence in every workplace – we know that members join the union where we have active PCS branches and representatives.
  • Increasing the number of PCS union advocates – just over half of the 1,000 or so members who have signed up as union advocates have gone on to take up other union rep roles.
  • Being able to communicate directly with members without relying on any employer, by storing up-to-date personal contact information on the PCS database – we now have reliable personal email information for just over 60% of our members. Our aim is to have 100% accurate contact information for all members.   
  • PCS branch and workplace structures which promote member participation and activism, and reflect the diversity of our membership – our equality and young member networks provide support for members and a route into activism
  • All branches having an organising action plan, involving recruitment and retention, identifying new activists, ensuring activists are adequately trained, and integrating Union Learning and Health & Safety Reps into all plans.

There is an additional emphasis for the next year on achieving recruitment rates of 0.8% per month overall (recruiting one new member for every existing 120 members each month - achieved, and exceeded, by many branches and groups during the closing months of 2016 and in to 2017).

To contact the National Organising Department:
Phone 0207 801 2691

Updated 11 February 2019

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