Representing members. We want your stories

Sharing success stories, experiences, tips and guidance is important to the reps that work day-in-day-out on behalf of the union in their workplaces and branches.

Representing members is at the core of our work, and we’d like to launch a regular column in Activate that deals with some of the issues you are facing.

We want those stories to come from our reps on the ground.

Hearing about the real cases you are working on – no matter how big or small, how rare or routine – can be very useful, inspiring and informative for your fellow activists.

To protect the members, our reports will not publish their names. Reps can also choose to be anonymous.

Do you have something to share? For example:

  • A personal case you worked on that led to a good outcome and/or taught you a valuable lesson
  • Tips on how you manage your case load
  • A course that you went on that’s helped you represent your members more successfully
  • A story about a PCS colleague who mentored you through casework - what advice stuck with you?
  • What you’ve learned about how to handle difficult and stressful cases
  • A dilemma with a case that you want some guidance on
  • How you’ve used personal case representation and successes to recruit new members to the union

Are there other topics around representing members that you’d like to see covered? Let us know.

Get in touch:
Please send brief details to – with the subject heading ‘Activate - Representing Members’ – and we’ll get back to you.

The deadline for submissions for the next edition is Friday 10 November.

Updated 11 February 2019

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