Safeguarding the future: recruiting apprentices

With around 30,000 apprentices being recruited to the civil service by 2020, reps are urged to take the opportunity to recruit them, support them through their training – via PCS learning projects – and encourage them to become active in the union.

An important element of a recent new deal struck with the Cabinet Office, is that union reps have the right to get new-starter lists from employers and have local access to inductions for recruitment purposes.

A reps’ pack is being prepared to help with talking to apprentices at their induction session, including tips, key points to mention and a model presentation.

Recruiting and supporting apprentices is a key priority for PCS’s strategy to keep building the union.

Click here for more on the key role of Union Learning in PCS’s apprenticeships strategy.

Branches are asked to:

  • Report back to – in an email marked ‘Apprentices’ – to inform us where apprentices are being recruited in your branch. Please include workplace location, numbers, and type of work they are doing. Department-wide data can be collated by groups.
  • Ensure your branch has a PCS ‘slot’ on local induction sessions.
  • Ask every apprentice to join PCS. Allocate a branch rep to speak to each apprentice face to face, and remember the first few days is the optimum time. Follow up if they need time think about it.
  • Ask any new joiners to get involved eg as a PCS advocate. Bized-sized training can be organised.
  • Ask apprentices aged 27 years old and under to get involved in the Young Members Network and/or any appropriate equalities networks.
  • Convene meetings of branch Union Learning Reps (ULRs), or ensure they’re invited to BEC meetings, to discuss full integration of learning and apprenticeships strategies into the organising plans for 2017. Click here for more on the key role of Union Learning in PCS’s apprenticeships strategy.

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Updated 10 October 2017

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