Use equalities events to increase participation

Black History Month being marked throughout October is an ideal reminder that PCS activists can use events and anniversaries to encourage union participation from members in under-represented groups.

Branches and groups should have an equality action plan that identifies the priority equality issues around organising, bargaining and campaigning in their areas, devised in consultation with members.

PCS also has national priorities, based on consultation with our national forums for women, black and disabled members, and with PCS Proud (LGBT members). Among the aims of our Charter for Equality is to give a voice to those experiencing inequality and to “support and encourage under-represented groups to become more active in the union and to remove any obstacles to participation”.

Planning events to take place on key annual dates in the equality calendar is often a good way to generate interest, publicity and participation.

Other examples and suggestions for holding events are on our specific equality group webpages.

What can you do?

  • Talk to non-members from equality groups about joining the union.
  • Encourage members to become active as PCS Advocates, committee members, or workplace reps.
  • Help make the union’s decision-making bodies – including the annual group and national conferences, more diverse by encouraging members to stand for elected positions or attend conference as observers or delegates.
  • Use annual events to promote equality and diversity in your workplace, with your own local recruitment drive or event. See the equalities calendar for ideas.
  • Consider ways to enable under-represented groups to participate in PCS activities – for example by changing or varying the times, places and format of meetings.

For advice and support:
Contact PCS Equality
Phone: 0207 801 2683

Updated 11 February 2019

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