Advertising Standards Authority blast government over Universal Credit ads

06 Nov 2019

Propaganda adverts which appeared in national newspapers designed to sell failed UC roll-outs has backfired with the ASA calling them “misleading.”

PCS welcomed the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) decision to ban the adverts and rubbishing the claim that people moved into work faster on universal credit (UC) than under the old system.

According to the Guardian, the adverts were part of a £225,000 Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) campaign to detoxify their UC policy.

Adverts appeared in print in the Metro newspaper and on its website, as well as on the MailOnline, in May and June earlier this year.

General Secretary Mark Serwotka welcomed the announcement.

He said: “This is yet another indictment of this rotten Tory government and its failed Universal Credit policy.

“Ministers have rubbed salt in the wounds of those claimants who have suffered on UC by attempting this hoodwinking exercise.

“Instead of spending nearly a quarter of a million pounds on misleading adverts attempting to con the public, the money should be spent on investing in a humane and well-staffed service.”

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