All you need to know about the pay ballot and how to vote

19 Mar 2019

We are balloting PCS members in the civil service to ask if they are prepared to take industrial action to get the pay rise they deserve. Get answers to your ballot questions in our Q&A

What is the PCS pay claim?

Our pay claim calls for a cost of living pay increase for all workers in the civil service and its related bodies of 10% with a minimum underpin of £2,400 and a Living Wage of £10 an hour nationally and £11.55 in London.

When will my ballot paper arrive?

Ballot papers started to be posted out to members from Monday (18 March) onwards. They will be sent out in batches, so may not arrive until Friday (22 March).

Can I vote online or by phone?

No. As this is statutory ballot to take possible industrial action, the law states that this ballot can only be carried out by post. So that means there is no online and no phone voting, you can only vote by posting your ballot paper back to independent scrutineer the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) in the pre-paid envelope that comes with it.

What happens if my ballot paper doesn’t arrive or I lose it?

We would ask that you allow until Saturday (23 March) for your ballot paper to arrive. 

If it doesn’t arrive, you can request a replacement online from 23 March. You will need to know your PCS membership number.

When’s the last day to request a ballot paper?

So long as you’ve requested a new ballot paper before the close of business on Thursday, 18 April we can send one out – but the sooner you request it the better.

When’s the last day I can post my ballot paper to make sure it arrives on time?

To be sure that it arrives on time you should have it in the post no later than Wednesday, 24 April.

Is there anything else I need to do?

When the ERS receives your ballot paper, they will email you to confirm that your vote has been counted. That email will ask you to click a link to let PCS know your vote has been counted (but not how you’ve voted). Once we know you’ve voted we can take you off our reminder lists so our volunteers can concentrate on chasing up people who haven’t yet voted.

I’m not a PCS member. Can I vote?

Only PCS members can vote, but it’s not too late to join. As long as your completed application form has arrived with our membership team before close of business on Friday, 12 April you can get a vote. It’s quicker and easier to register to join online.

What can I do to help the campaign?

This ballot will be won or lost on the number of ordinary members who are willing to step up and do that little bit extra. If you are willing to recruit a friend who’s not in the union, spend an hour at weekends phoning members or 20 minutes of your lunchbreak handing out leaflets, then we will have a much greater chance of winning. If you can spare even a little bit of time sign up online to volunteer and we’ll get in touch.

Visit our pay campaign section for find out more. 

Let’s make 2019 the year we win on pay.

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