Amendments to PCS digital go live plan.

07 Nov 2019

There has been a slight delay to the introduction of major improvements to our digital services, which start a soft launch in the week commencing 2 December and will be fully live in the week commencing 13 January.

Our new member database, powered by the cutting-edge Salesforce system, will replace the existing Commix database. We are aiming to collect our first subscriptions using the new system at the start of February.

Work on some of the applications for 2020 have been slightly delayed, which has meant that on the original timeline in-house resources could have become overstretched, supporting both a go-live, and working on delivering some applications. The new timeline will mean that a full go-live will follow the testing and delivery of all the applications. The two-month delay will also ensure that adequate time is built into the project for training of staff and reps and the go-live can be properly supported with a well-resourced help desk.

The soft launch planned for December will enable reps to log-into PCS Digital, use the search and reporting functions and familiarise themselves with the new applications. However, Commix will remain the main database until week commencing 13 January. Therefore, it will not be possible to use the new system to amend members’ details and move members until the full go-live in the New Year.

Training opportunities will also be arranged in PCS offices for reps to attend in December and early January.

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