Aviation group launches new policy document

11 Jan 2018

Over successive annual conferences, the Aviation group has built up a strong set of policies it seeks to pursue on behalf of members.  Motion A67 at 2017 conference instructed us to issue a document explaining those policies.  We have now launched the booklet, and it constitutes a powerful statement of ‘what we stand for’, intended to appeal to members and potential members alike.

The whole text of the booklet is reproduced as the latest issue of Skyviews, which can be found elsewhere on the group web page.  It is our intention to publish it for use by reps, to make clear to members how we are representing their interests, and as a recruitment tool to attract non-members to join a union that is acting on their behalf and needs to build its strength still further.

Among the key principles that underpin our position in negotiations with all employers, we will always seek a consolidated, permanent, pensionable increase in basic pay and an equivalent increase in allowances. 

The same applies to the other principles outlined in the policy document.  We stand for permanent jobs over fixed term, permanent staff over contractors, redeployment not redundancy, sufficient staff to provide the service, and defending our hard-won terms and conditions against erosion.  We also want to have more of an influence to bring some sanity to an industry obsessed with profits, by bringing key elements back into public ownership, strengthening the regulations that support safety, service and environment, and getting workers onto the boards of all the main employers to protect workers’ rights and bring a fresh approach.

It’s to get simple messages like that across to our members that we have created the policy document, so that you know what we stand for on your behalf, and that our positions are based on the democratic will of members expressed through branch AGMs and motions at conference.  

Please read the document, check that we are doing what you expect from a trade union and refer to it if anyone asks why you are a member of a trade union.  And if anything is missing, make it your business to raise it - with AGM season approaching and conference in May, now is the time to add more to our policy portfolio, so we can fully represent you in all areas.

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