Book a guest speaker for your branch AGM

10 Jan 2018

PCS branches planning their annual general meetings are encouraged to invite guest speakers, including members of our national executive, president, deputy president, vice presidents and senior PCS full-time officers.

The branch AGM, which is typically held between the start of February and early March, is at the heart of our union’s democracy and is also a constitutional requirement. AGMs are important meetings which bring members together to discuss the issues affecting them and their branch's activities during 2017 and to make plans for 2018.

All members are encouraged to attend and get involved with their branch AGM. It is where annual and financial reports are agreed, branch election results announced, motions debated, delegates elected and nominations and motions for group and national elections considered.

Inviting a guest speaker can be very useful in encouraging members to attend the AGM. If your branch wishes to invite a PCS guest speaker email  with the date, time and venue of your meeting.

Motions to delegate conferences

One of the important functions of an AGM is to consider motions for group and national delegate conferences which take place in Brighton in May. Branches will receive nomination and conference motion forms by 18 January. Read the other key election dates.

As we continue to campaign to defend pay, jobs, pensions, terms and conditions, it is essential that we are able to contact members and activists quickly, directly and reliably using facilities and communication channels which do not rely on the goodwill of the employer. Branches should therefore use AGMs to help collect members’ personal email addresses and mobile telephone numbers.

Members also need to register their personal email addresses to vote online in group executive elections.

Help with your AGM

The national organising department has useful guidance for branches organise their AGM, including model agendas, amendable notices and tips on ensuring a good turnout.

We would also like branches to promote the PCS Fighting Fund, which supports members taking targeted industrial action, and email to tell us why you’ve signed up to support it.  

If you would like help organising your AGM contact either your group office or the national organising department - email Constitutional queries about branch AGM procedures should be directed to the national president’s office - . Queries about the conduct of branch elections should be referred to the general secretary’s office -

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