Budget Day Strike Hits Babcock At Armour Centre

22 Nov 2017

Today, PCS members on the Babcock contract delivering training and support to the Tank Regiment, went on strike over pay. 

The employer had been pushed in negotiations to offer a package worth 2.4%, however in the period of the negotiations RPI climbed to just under 4% and members therefore believed the offer represented a pay cut. Babcock International's pre tax profits last year were £494.8 million.

The strike was well supported with 97% of members striking and over 90% turning out to share in  picket line duties.

A challenge to MoD centre, supported by the DSG president, ensured that army personnel were unable to cover courses and work undertaken by striking members.

The consequence of the solid strike and intervention at MoD ensured that the strike was successful in halting training with tank crews being sent home as no training could take place. Soldiers cheered PCS strikers and some confided they wished they could strike against their pay too.

Morale is high among members who have never taken part in industrial action before. One member shouted "No Pasaran" on the picket line.

Paul Bemrose, PCS industrial officer, said "It was a tremendous result for the branch. They worked hard and diligently to get the members out. Babcock will no doubt be assessing the damage to themselves in terms of fines on contract failure, reputational damage to their motto 'Trusted to Deliver' and extended courses. Babcock now need to come back to the negotiating table with a better offer or face more disruption, fines and chaos until the pay dispute is settled."

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