Calling all petitioners

28 Aug 2020

The PCS petition calling for fair pay for UK government workers has now reached the 50,000 signatories mark. 

With 50,000 more signatures to go to guarantee a full debate on the issue in Parliament we are asking members who have already signed the petition to ask their friends and colleagues to also sign it.

Members who told us they have already signed the petition can expect a phone call from PCS over the next couple of weeks.  Our callers will be asking if you can help by talking to your colleagues, as well as asking if you are interested in getting involved in union activity by registering as a PCS union Advocate.

We are trying to get 100,000 signatures on the petition by the end of October. Once we get to 100,000 the government is committed to holding a debate about our  pay in the House of Commons. 

We are also asking all activists to volunteer some of their time to help with making calls to thousands of members.  If you are already a rep or Advocate and can help your union make calls to members please contact giving your name and the PCS region or nation where you work and we will be in touch.

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