Celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March

07 Mar 2018

Thursday, 8 March is International Women’s Day, the day we celebrate the many achievements of women and consider and organise for what still needs to be done.

While there have been positive gains in women’s equality, the world is still very unequal as we acknowledge the discrimination and many disadvantages that women still face. When we talk about equalities, we need to not only think about equality of opportunity, but act to provide it.

While honouring women, we should also remember the victimisation, injustices and barriers that many women have had to fight overcome to have their voices heard.

PCS has a proud history as a campaigning union – and equality of rights has been part of that history. We have much to be proud of, and much still to achieve.

Recent news regarding the ongoing sexual harassment of women remind us that as individuals we still have much more to do. The #MeToo, #PressForProgress and #Time’sUp movements clearly demonstrate the challenges many women have faced and still face.

As a PCS member – man, woman, binary and non-binary, you too can play your part in supporting women. It is a time of change, but also of opportunity. 

Visit our equality pages for more information on International Women’s Day and how you can get involved, including:

  • Using the IWD 2018 photocards and post pictures on social media #PCSIWD18
  • Contacting you region/nation PCS office to find out what’s planned
  • Having a lunchtime event in your office, posting photos, being visible
  • Communicating the work of the union on women’s issues through emails, newsletters, meetings or by setting up social networks.
  • Making sure the PCS Women’s Journal is available and distributed to all women members in your branch
  • Looking out for and using #PCSIWD18 and posting your activities and pictures on Facebook, Twitter and to the equality email address below.
  • Linking up with other campaigns in your local area or supporting an international campaign.
  • Publicising PCS regional networks for women, black, disabled, LGBT and young members. Details are available from your local PCS regional office.

Send details of anything you are doing on the day and ideas for future activities to: equality@pcs.org.uk

Raising awareness

PCS northern region is running an event to celebrate International Women’s Day at our regional office in Newcastle.

The event is open to all women PCS members in the region, including retired members. Speakers will talk about the role of women in trade unions, domestic violence, and WASPI (the Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign).

Workshops will take place with the aim of getting more women involved in PCS in their workplaces and in the region and to give opportunities for networking.

Laura Gore, who joined PCS at an apprentices’ and young members’ event in November will be there. She said: "I’m attending the PCS International Women’s Day event to find out more about the history of the day and how I can do more as an individual to raise awareness. I’m also looking forward to hearing from successful women in their industry and from within PCS.”

For more information on the event contact northern@pcs.org.uk.

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