2020 Conference and Election Timetable

Annual delegate conference (ADC) and group conferences in 2020 will again be held at the Brighton Centre, which is the only suitable venue capable of accommodating ADC and group conferences within the constitutional constraints.

ADC will begin in the afternoon of Tuesday 19 May and run to lunchtime on Thursday 21 May with the option of finishing at 6pm on Tuesday and/or Wednesday evenings.

DWP and HMRC conferences will start on Monday 18 May, and end on Tuesday lunchtime.

All other group conferences will be a maximum of one day starting Monday 18 May lunchtime, and ending Tuesday lunchtime, with the proviso that groups could possibly make a case for one and a half days starting Monday morning.

The national executive committee (NEC) has tried to maximise the amount of time available for debate at national conference whilst at the same time striking a balance with the time allocated for group conferences, as well as minimising/avoiding the need for evening sessions.

Facility time

We expect many delegates will not have facility time for attendance at ADC and group conferences. However, maintaining the union’s democratic processes is central to our ability to mount a defence of members’ pay, jobs, terms and conditions, including restrictions on facility time. We are therefore asking delegates to make alternative arrangements to attend (e.g. booking annual leave) if necessary.

Branches wishing to make block bookings and delegates making individual bookings are encouraged to book accommodation via the Visit Brighton Accommodation Bureau online or by contacting Visit Brighton on 01273 292626.

Elections and motions timetable

Thursday 5 March – deadline for receipt of completed nomination forms and submission of national and group motions.

Thursday 12 March – Closing date for election addresses and acceptances.

Thursday 16 April – national elections open

Thursday 23 April – group elections open

Thursday 7 May – national elections close

Friday 8 May – national election results issued

Tuesday 12 May – group elections close

Any queries about conference arrangements should be directed to Theresa Busby on 020 7801 2810.

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