ADC 2020 and group conference information

The PCS national executive committe agreed that it would not be possible to go ahead with our 2020 national and group conferences in May, the expected time of peak coronavirus infection rates. The NEC will keep under review how we will facilitate democratic decision making during this period and plans to meet regularly.

National and group elections

Having carefully considered the position, the PCS NEC has decided that it would not be appropriate for the NEC and group elections to go ahead as planned because of the coronavirus crisis. The NEC decision means that existing post holders will remain in place until elections can be held.


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The 2020 finance report sets out in detail the union’s accounts for 2019. The report also includes a review of the annual budget for 2020, a review of the medium-term financial outlook across 2021 to 2022 and a report from our independent auditors.

In the current crisis, our priority, as a union, is to provide support and representation to our members, many of whom are working in the front line to combat the coronavirus spread. Our members require a strong voice like never before and we are adapting our ways of working to provide that for them. We are taking appropriate measure to ensure the union’s finances and members' interests are protected during these challenging times.

NEC EB-1-20 NEC Nomination form

NEC EB-2-20 NEC Regulations

NEC EB-3-20 Candidate profile & acceptance form

ADC 02-20 Nomination form

ADC 03-20 Election regulations

ADC 04-20 Candidate profile & acceptance form

ADC-08-20 Branch secretary information

ADC 2019 record of decisions

Branch nominations ADC block vote

Branch nominations NEC

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