Booking travel with PCS

PCS reps can book travel and accommodation for union business with our provider Redfern Travel.

We have signed a contract with Bradford-based Redfern Travel, starting on 29 December 2017, which should make it easier to book services and offers better value for money. Redfern won the contract following a competitive tendering exercise.

Reps and members can book their travel for union business in a number of ways: 

  • Online - authorised users can book travel on the Redfern’s Trips website. The online booking tool goes live for PCS from 29 December. Bookmark
  • Via Email - contact the Redfern corporate team with your requirements at
  • By phone – Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0330 008 2000.

PCS would prefer members to use the online tool for bookings to minimise cost.

Training events for staff and group and branch treasurers in each region/nation were organised by PCS with Redfern Travel.

How to register, log in and make a booking

  • Your username is your PCS email address.
  • Once you have added your username you click on recover password.
  • You will then be sent a password link.
  • You need to click the link within the email to set a new password.  
  • You are ready to go. Your bookings are automatically linked to your allocated travel and subsistence budget

Watch a video about making a booking.

Further Information

The online booking tool will be live and ready for bookers to use from 29 December. You can log in using the Trips website.

If you have any queries contact Molly Moyo at or 020 7801 2661 or Kirsty Newton at or 0113 200 5300, in the PCS finance team.

Updated 13 December 2017

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