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Fighting changes to civil service redundancy pay

PCS will use all possible political, legal and industrial means to oppose changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, our national conference resolved.

Labour will ‘end culture of hostility’ to civil service unions Corbyn tells PCS ADC

A Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn will “end the culture of hostility to trade unions in the civil service”, he promised delegates at PCS’s annual conference.

PCS to push for joint campaign over government pensions U-turn

PCS will work with other public service trade unions to campaign against the government’s disgraceful decision to suspend the public sector pension valuation process which could have led to reductions in pension contributions.

Campaign to lower civil service pension age

PCS will campaign for a civil service pension age of 60 and reduced contributions for members, conference agreed.

Tackling the growing use of agency workers

More needs to be done to tackle the growing use of agency workers within the civil service, PCS conference agreed.

Campaigning for leave for survivors of domestic violence

PCS will negotiate to secure 10 days’ paid leave for survivors of domestic violence, conference agreed.

Work your yours to reduce unpaid overtime

Our members will be encouraged to work only their hours as part of a drive to reduce unpaid overtime across the civil service, PCS conference agreed.

Victims of sexual harassment should get time off

Victims of sexual harassment should get time off and the right to move workplace, PCS conference agreed.



PCS conference backs plans to raise subs to support the fighting fund

As conference meets in Brighton this week PCS members working for Interserve, Aramark and ISS are striking, which highlights the need to have a well-supported fighting fund to support members taking sustained action.

PCS conference unanimously backs emergency Universal Credit motion condemning DWP propaganda campaign.

Delegates at the ADC welcome motion slamming ministers for wasting thousands of pounds on advertorial in the Metro newspaper which puts “positive spin” on Universal Credit.

Conference calls for adequate resources to deal with Brexit

PCS will step up demands for adequate resources for the civil service to deal with Brexit-related issues, following a motion to our national conference.

Supporting the Freedom for Öcalan Campaign

PCS voted to affiliate for the Freedom for Öcalan Campaign following an impassioned plea at conference on Wednesday (22).

Campaigning against cuts to domestic violence services

PCS was urged by our conference to play a leading role in opposing cuts to domestic violence services.

Coordinating action against outsourcer ISS

PCS will coordinate action by members working for outsourcing company ISS to end the hardship of staff and bring an end to the contracting out of services to ISS, following  a motion to our national conference.

Removing barriers to women’s participation in elections

PCS needs to bring about increased women’s representation on the NEC and other union bodies to better reflect our membership.

Every group and rep has role in recruiting more members

Recruiting more members in the union’s biggest groups and workplaces is key to hitting PCS’s target of 200,000 members by 2020.

More help needed for reps on mental health and suicide prevention

More needs to be done to train reps in helping suicidal members, who often turn to the union for help in dealing with some of the most stressful times of their lives, PCS conference heard.

PCS organising and communication awards: winning reps announced

Team and individual awards have been presented today (22) at our annual delegate conference, recognising the hard work and dedication of our reps.

Disability law training needed to win for members

PCS reps urgently need training on how to use disability law to win more cases for members, conference heard on Wednesday morning.

Fighting for trans rights

Fighting for trans rights, including improving awareness across PCS, needs to be carried out in an inclusive and comradely way, PCS conference agreed today (22).

More members recognised with distinguished life membership awards

Three further PCS distinguished life membership awards were made on Wednesday (22) afternoon, including two posthumous awards.

Distinguished life membership awards presented on Wednesday morning at conference

Three awards were made on Wednesday (22) morning at PCS conference to Ian Albert, Chris Morrison and Adam Khalif.


Conference endorses motion for national aggregated pay ballot

PCS conference has endorsed the national executive’s motion for a further national, aggregated, statutory ballot for industrial action on pay at the earliest appropriate opportunity following a lively debate.

PCS needs to go everywhere to increase activity and participation

To fight for fair pay and pensions we have to be prepared to build the union and to go everywhere to increase activity and participation and to recruit new advocates, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka told PCS conference.

Stepping up the fight against racism and fascism

PCS needs to continue to strengthen its links with anti-racist organisations and step up the fight against fascism to counter the worrying rise of far right politics, conference was urged.

PCS fringe meeting: Rebuilding a just social security system

PCS members working on the front line of the welfare system had the opportunity to share their ideas about how social security could be improved with the shadow secretary of state for work and pensions at a conference consultation meeting.

Call for overhaul of discriminatory online job applications

The online job application process should be overhauled to stop it unfairly discriminating against neuro diverse applicants, PCS conference agreed on Tuesday (21).

Parliamentary group determined to win for members on pay

PCS parliamentary group chair Chris Stephens told conference that members of the group would not rest until the civil service had a better pay deal.

Turning the tide against Tory austerity

We are turning the tide against Tory austerity and should go forward with pride in our union, acting PCS president Fran Heathcote told delegates as she opened this year’s PCS Annual Delegate Conference this afternoon.

Paying tribute to former activists

National president-elect Fran Heathcote has paid tribute to seven PCS activists who have died in the past year.


Pay fringe: lessons learnt from the civil service pay ballot

Talking to members face-to-face is the best way of persuading them to vote is one of the key lessons learnt from the national pay ballot, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka told a pre-conference meeting.

Send in your question for Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is guest speaker at PCS annual conference and we want you to send in questions for him.

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