Motions Online 2019

Motions for PCS annual delegate conference can only be submitted online.

You will need to refer to guidance issued about your group conference as other options may be available but you are encouraged to use motions online to submit all motions.

Motions online will go live for the submission of motions at 10am on Monday, 21 January and will close at 5pm on Thursday, 7 March.

Subsequent to the publication of conference agendas Motions Online will again go live for the submission of Emergency Motions (EM) and References Back (RB) at 10am on Monday, 29 April  Branches should note that any submissions received after the published deadline for each respective conference will be considered as received late and disregarded. For PCS annual delegate conference the deadline for the receipt of EMs and RBs is 3pm on Friday, 17 May.

Motions online saves your elected standing orders committee, which oversees conference business, considerable time in the preparation process for conference agendas and helps offset cuts in facility time available to SOC members.

Where do I make submissions?

The system is accessible via the PCS website in the members’ area at:

Motions online can be used from any PC or mobile device with web access and an up to date browser. Branch officers do not have to be co-located in the same place and at the same time to complete the process.

There are occasionally issues accessing motions online on employer IT systems. To minimise the potential for this we recommend that you use personal email addresses and personal computers/mobile devices.  

If you have any questions about the process, or experience any technical difficulties in submitting motions, for technical assistance email

How do I make submissions?

Two branch officers are required to make the submission. Both will need their membership numbers, member log-in username and password (which can be obtained through the member login page) and they must have separate email addresses. 

Word limit

All motions for national conference shall be in the affirmative and contain no more than 500 words. Motions exceeding this number will be categorised as X unless they are rule amendments.

Find out more about submitting, confirming and seconding a motion.


  • Ensure both the submitting officer and confirming officer have passwords to login to the PCS website and register their personal email addresses.
  • Do not leave it until the last minute as sometimes departmental systems crash and you won’t be able to access the PCS website missing the deadline or your confirming officer may be unavailable in the hour before the deadline.
  • If you intend to submit a motion from a work computer as soon as motions online goes live on 21 January check that you can access the portal. Some departments’ firewalls block the site while others use browsers that are too old to display it.
  • On the live date on 21 January check that both officers have correct email addresses on the system. If either of these is incorrect an officer will not receive a notification email.
  • Plan to submit your branch motions in the same week that they are agreed by your AGM to avoid last-minute headaches.
  • Do not leave your submission to the last minute to ensure that there is enough time to resolve issues that may arise.

If you have any queries for SOCs on conference-specific issues please contact the standing orders committee secretary for whichever conference your query relates.

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