Submitting confirming and seconding a motion

Submitting, confirming and second a motion

Two branch officers are required to make the submission. Both will need their membership numbers, member log-in username and password (which can be obtained through the member login page) and they must have separate email addresses. 

The submitting officer

  • Go to the motions online page, log in, then follow each page as it appears completing all required fields.
  • Only one motion can be entered per form but, after you have completed all the fields once they will automatically repopulate for each additional submission you make.
  • Insert the text of your motion into the text box. You can copy and paste your text which will be converted to a standardised font. Try to avoid the use of sub bullet points. The standard font will accept bullet points, but sub bullet points may be lost in translation.
  • Click on the submit button which will store your submission in the actions page. You can revisit this page at any time to check the status of your submission.
  • A reference number will be allocated to each submission, eg ID 144 and shown on the actions page. This reference should be quoted if, for any reason, you need to contact the relevant standing orders committee.
  • The system will now ask you if you want to add another motion or leave motions online.

The confirming officer

Once the submission is stored on the actions page the second branch officer – the confirming officer – will be automatically notified by email that their attention is required.

  • Emails received by the confirming officer contain a link for each submission. Follow the links and log in. Once through the member login page the confirming officer can view details of the motions.
  • The confirming officer can agree that the submission should be sent to the SOC or, if there is an error, reject it.
  • The number of submissions awaiting confirmation should match the number of emails received.
  • If you confirm that the submission is correct it will be forwarded to the relevant SOC and an email will automatically be generated to both the submitting and confirming officers to show that it has been received (which must be by the published deadline for the relevant conference).
  • If you spot an error and reject the submission, the submitting officer will be advised by email that corrections need to be made before it can be re-sent. The confirming officer will be prompted to enter a reason for the rejection which can be viewed by the submitting officer.
  • Once corrected by the submitting officer the confirming officer will receive another notification email then follow the process as above.

Seconding a motion, withdrawing as seconder and withdrawing a motion from the conference agenda

A number of branches each year contact SOCs after the publication of the conference agendas asking to second a motion, withdraw as seconder or to withdraw a motion from the agenda. Such requests can be made via motions online under the reference back heading. Seconding slots will be handled on a first come first served basis. Branches can still submit these requests during conference in the usual way. Requests to withdraw a motion will be put to conference in the normal manner.




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