Motions Online

This year’s national and group conferences will all be held online.

PCS Digital

Submitting motions, delegate registration and speaker submission will all be done via PCS Digital. In order to ensure that your branch can participate in the conferences every branch officer must register on PCS Digital.


The NEC decided that branch motions should be submitted on the basis of one motion per branch per session for the national conference. Groups have made individual decisions on whether there will be limits on the number of motions that branches can submit for their conferences.

All motions for national and group conferences must be submitted using the motions on-line process in PCS Digital. The on-line motions submission process is the same as for 2020.

Motions online will open and close as follows:

  • National conference: open at 10am on 1 March and close at 5pm on 8 April 2021
  • Group conferences: open at 10am on 23 February and close at 5pm on 25 March 2021.

Publication of conference agenda and SOC reports

The conference agenda and SOC reports will be published in PCS Digital following the meetings of the SOC. The timetable and motions will be listed in PCS Digital and branches and delegates will be able to download a PDF version.

Registering delegates

Delegate registration for national and group conferences will take place on-line. Branch officers select members of their branch on PCS Digital and register them as delegates.

A virtual conference is an opportunity for us to increase participation and therefore this year there will be no restriction on delegate numbers – the number of delegates will be a matter for individual branches to decide.

Submitting speaker requests

Speakers in debates will need to be agreed in advance to make the online conferences manageable.

PCS Digital will enable branches to request that members of their delegation speak on national and group conference motions. Once standing orders committees have agreed conference agendas, they will be published in PCS Digital. Branches can then submit speaker requests to move the motion, second, or speak in favour or against. National and group presidents will select speakers for each debate in advance using criteria agreed by the NEC.

Voting on motions

Branches will select one member of the delegation to be the voting delegate. The voting delegate will cast the votes of the branch. Every vote will in effect be a card vote.

Referencing back

A timetable has been agreed with the NSOC which sets out a democratic process for the production of the conference agenda including a reference back process for branches. Groups can also have reference back sessions, which will be timetabled by groups.

Motions online help

If you have any questions about submitting motions online or have technical difficulties, please contact

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