Covid-19 workplace exposure questionnaire

29 Jan 2021

PCS, working with Thompsons Solicitors, has launched a questionnaire on Covid-19 exposure, which will help us improve workplace health and safety.

All members are encouraged to complete the questionnaire.

Have you or your colleagues contracted Covid-19 as a result of your work?

You should complete the online questionnaire if you:

  1. Have been diagnosed as suffering from Covid-19 as a result of your current or past employment; or
  2. Believe you have suffered from Covid-19 as a result of your current or past employment; or
  3. Have worked with colleague(s) who have suffered from Covid-19 as a result of their employment

The form can also be used in the tragic circumstances where a PCS member has died as a result of suffering from Covid-19 as a result of their current or past employment.

The information that we collect via the questionnaire will be used to inform PCS bargaining and campaigning priorities. It will help us improve workplace health and safety for every member. In addition to this a team of workplace personal injury experts at Thompsons Solicitors will also analyse the completed questionnaires and explore every avenue to provide the best support for those who have become ill due to coronavirus.

With the Covid-19 infection rate tragically on the increase, PCS has been pressing the civil service for some time to reinstate more stringent lockdown measures with an emphasis on workers remaining at home rather than attending workplaces. Where staff have been required to continue to attend their workplace employers must take action to minimise and eliminate risks to our members’ safety and health; ensuring they make a proper assessment of those risks, and take appropriate steps to address and minimise them. Where employers are unable or unwilling to do this PCS will not hesitate to act to protect our members’ health and well-being.

PCS general secretary, Mark Serwotka said “Thousands of PCS members have been at work throughout the pandemic, often putting themselves at risk to help others. Our members have shown exemplary dedication and professionalism throughout the pandemic. The very least they deserve is for their employer to meet its legal obligation to provide a safe working environment. The PCS Covid-19 exposure survey will enable us to ensure that every employer, in every workplace, is taking the necessary steps to make the workplace safe. Where they do not, and where they fail in their duty of care, we will act.

As part of our Covid-19 response I am asking every member of the union who has been asked to attend their workplace during the pandemic to complete this questionnaire so that the union can build a comprehensive picture of the situation in every workplace.”


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