Don’t miss out – let PCS help with your maths and English

07 Feb 2018

Well over 100 PCS members have signed up to a new app, launched last month, which focuses on regular, bite-sized learning to help members with maths and English.

We are working with online learning providers Wranx to support members by providing free access to GCSE maths and English online revision. The content for each of the 10 modules has been written in conjunction with Gateshead College; rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted.  

With the quality of the content, and the spaced repetition technique used by PCS WRANX, which can improve knowledge retention, you can significantly improve your maths and English skills with as little as 2 or 3 minutes practice a day.

It underpins members’ existing knowledge through a continuous learning experience of daily drills. Wranx makes learning easy and effective for everyone.

We want our union learning reps to spread the word and encourage members to register.

We hope PCS WRANX will be particularly helpful for those civil service apprentices who have to achieve their adult maths and English level 2 qualifications as part of their apprenticeship. But it’s available to any PCS member who wants to improve their maths and English skills, for any reason.

Register now

Fill out the secure online form to register your interest in using the tool.

Any learning reps who want a copy of the PCS WRANX leaflet to promote the app in their workplace should contact the learning organiser in their region.

Find out more about learning with PCS and speak to your union learning rep about other exciting learning opportunities PCS can offer.

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