Dozens sign up for new app which helps with maths and English

11 Jan 2018

Dozens of PCS members have already signed up for a new app, launched this week which focuses on regular, bite-sized learning to help members with maths and English.

We are working with online learning experts Wranx to support members by providing eLearning GCSE Maths and English revision modules. The content for each module has been written in conjunction with Gateshead College; rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted.  

In the 9 days since registration for the module began more than 70 people have signed up to use it but we want our union learning reps to spread the word and encourage members to register.

Training when you want it

The training tools puts learning in the palm of your hand and uses the simple scientific idea of spaced repetition to provide learning that improves knowledge retention, even with as little as 2-3 minutes of training a day.

10 maths and English revision modules have been developed to reinforce and underpin members existing knowledge through a continuous learning experience of daily drills. Wranx makes learning easy and effective for everyone.

It is particularly recommended for PCS civil service apprentice members for whom it is a legal requirement to achieve their adult maths and English level 2 qualifications the new training tool is open to all members.

Register now

Fill out the secure online form to register your interest in using the tool.

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