Driving examiners ballot for strike action over increased hours

21 Sep 2017

Operational Grades in the DVSA are balloting for strike action over changes to their contracts that will see them forced to add an unpaid hour and a half to every working day.

The dispute in the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) results from the introduction of a new contract in 2015. Previously any additional travel outside contractual working time was paid as overtime. The new contract was intended to stop extra payments for all Department for Transport (DfT) staff, but the effect on DVSA operational grades meant that on a regular basis they could travel 45 mins unpaid in their own time.

Some of our operational grade members are facing an additional 7.5 hours work per week for no extra pay.

These changes apply to driving examiners and other operational grades at DVSA such as enforcement and inspection staff.

A ruling in the European Court of Justice in 2015 said that workers without a usual workplace should count every journey as working time. PCS wants DVSA to clarify whether our members have a workplace and they can start their day there, or they have no workplace and every journey is work.

Talks between PCS and DVSA began over two years ago and members went on strike over the issue in 2015.  PCS has offered six solutions to the problem, but nothing we have put forward has been agreed.

Our members are being asked to potentially work an extra day a week for nothing and that is why they have chosen to ballot for strike action and action short of a strike (including an overtime ban).

The ballot opened on 4 September and closes on 6 October.  Any affected DVSA members who haven’t received a ballot paper should email Midsbargaining@pcs.org.uk or call 0121 643 4342.

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