DVLA continues to suppress Deloitte home working report

01 Apr 2021

A report containing crucial information about the DVLA’s capacity for home working continues to be suppressed by management.

Ahead of the 4-day strike by our members over health and safety concerns at DVLA we have again asked the employer to share with us a report into home working at the agency compiled by consulting firm Deloitte.

Despite admitting that this report exists and, we believe, contains recommendations relating to the DVLA’s capacity for home working which could bring an end to the current dispute by enabling more operational staff to work safely from home, management continues to refuse to share it with us.

We understand this report was commissioned last summer and DVLA management has gone out of the way to avoid sharing the findings with us. Management has also refused to share this report when requested in parliament by MP Grahame Morris. We believe concealing this report is incredibly concerning, and we will continue to pursue legal routes to gain access to it.

We have yet to be given an adequate reason why operational staff at the DVLA have been made to come into the workplace when operational staff elsewhere across the civil service, who process the same sensitive information and are part of the same ‘critical national infrastructure,’ have been enabled to work safely from home. We are yet to be given evidence that the DVLA has put in motion plans to develop the systems and safeguards necessary to make this happen. 

We will update members when we have more to report.

How you can show support the strike

Join our online public strike rally at noon on Tuesday.

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Chaired by Fran Heathcote (PCS National President), the rally will hear from DVLA strikers as well as PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka, PCS DVLA Branch Chair Sarah Evans, MPs Caroline Harris and Tania Antoniazzi, plus other speakers to be confirmed.

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