DVLA strike: new Covid cases reported on site as post backlog grows

10 Jun 2021

Backlogs in DVLA soar to an estimated million and staff "bribed" to come in to do overtime to open post. Join the public strike rally tomorrow (11) at noon.

On day four of this week’s strike action over Covid safety, PCS had reports of new cases on site at DVLA. This came as local news reported that transmission rates in Swansea were rising and one area of the city had the highest number of cases in Wales.

Senior staff including a grade 7 have been sent to ‘police’ the picket line, alleging that they need to protect DfT property – even though the socially-distanced picket line is on a public pavement.

Non-operational staff “bribed”

Backlogs have piled up and are now estimated to have reached close to 1,000,000 items of post. To clear this, non-operational staff at or below senior executive officer (SEO) grade – which pays up to £45,000 a year – have been offered paid overtime, to open the post.

Join the public strike rally

This takes place over Zoom and Facebook Live at noon tomorrow (11). To attend on Zoom, register in advance. Guest speakers include Mark Serwotka, Fran Heathcote, Rebecca Long-Bailey MP and NEU general secretary Kevin Courtney.


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